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Serve global customers faithfully with speciality , , innovation, and efficiency ,

About Nearer
Nearer Technology team have thorough understanding of China and international thermal components industry , the industry existing status and the industry layout . With our expertise in engineering and project development . we not only producing and providing thermal sensitive components of NTC , PTC, biametal etc. ,but also devoted to provide one stop engineering and sourcing service in household and industry appliance thermal control field from basic material to integrated modules .
We aim to make products development easier and business more enjoyful at Nearer . With professional knowledge in business , products and engineering , we will serve customers with competitive price and excellent quality . Choose us , you will enjoy excellent products and service quality . Your trust will be cherished as life of Nearer .

Nearer target :
Shorten distance between demand and supply , Shorten lead time between design and production .



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